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Roopam steel rolling mill is a company floated by one of Maharashtra's best known entrepreneurs the Agrawals from Jalna, who pioneered the re-rolling industry in their region under the visionary leadership of the Late Shri Omprakash ji Agrawal. Today the region stands tall as the hub of the re-rolling industry in the state.


After two decades of rich experience in manufacturing of steel bars, ROOPAM STEEL has now come out with a never before kind of product complying with every single technical parameter that contributes to the construction of structurally sound building, at an extremely affordable cost. Roopam steels even in its initial stages, had gained reputation for using a high quality raw material to produce its steel. We have in house production of the raw material i.e. M.S. Billets Required to produce the TMT bars. There we use continuos casting (Concast) technology to produce the M.S. Billet. Where it undergoes the intense quality check in the well equipped lab with Spectormeter.


A Mission to reach quality steel in every Indian home.