Roopam Bars


Roopam Rebars come in all required commercial sizes. We also undertake to design as per specific requirements of clients.

We supply:

Sizes: 8mm/10/12/16/20/25/32mm Customize size as per required.
Length: 11 Mtrs. 12 Mtrs.
Grades: Fe 500 and Fe 500D As per IS 1786: 2008
ROOPAM THERMEX 500 TMT REBARS confirm to the following quality guaranteed standard.


  • We have the best of the talents in the industry working for us, who not only understands the intricacies of steel making but also the demands of the Indian Market.
  • We have been acclaimed as the finest group to have mastered the art of Thermex Technology in India.
  • We are registered with the bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to produce fe500 and fe500 D grade steel bars.
  • We are an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified company.
  • Our chemical laboratory has been equipped with the state of the art gadgets to ensure that only the finest of raw material M.S. Billets undergoes the intense quality check with Spectrometer. The finished goods churned out meet with the world's best standardization norms.
  • We use an electronic universal testing machine with NABL accredited extensometer, the only instrument that can determine yield strength to an accuracy of 100 per cent.
  • We take pride in having attained similar perfection with obtaining a uniform pattern of ribs using CNC controlled Computer Notch Cutting Machine to ensure a strong bonding between the steel and concrete.
  • At Roopam right from out designing stage, we have been extremely mindful of the fact the most of out country now fall under on or the other seismic zone. With Roopam you can now build your dream house practically anywhere on Planet Earth, That is the kind of freedom we provide you.

Benefits of using Roopam

  • High Strength – (Yield Strength 520-570 N/mm2)
  • High Elongation (18% - 25%)
  • More Bendability
  • Greater Safety During Hazard
  • Better Fatigue Resistance
  • Good Micro Structure
  • Excellent for Seismic Zones III, IV and V, anywhere in the world.
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Greater Corrosion Resistance
  • An ultimate quality for Reinforcement Concrete Engineering at Economical Cost.
  • The Raw material M.S. Billets and finished goods TMT Bars are Checked, Tested and Certified by the world's largest and toughest inspection agency SGS through their online facility at our unit.
  • In house Billet plant equipped with spectrometer.
  • "Consistent Quality Religious Precision" is how Thermex the innovator of TMT technology describes ROOPAM TMT Bars.
  • Unique and uniform rib pattern with the use of computer controlled CNC notch cutting machine allow ultimate bonding with concrete.
  • Pioneer ISI licensee in the region for producing the steel of the ductile grade Fe 500 D TMT Bars.


  • House hold & commercial Buildings
  • Bridges, flyovers
  • Underground Platform in Metro Railways & Rapid transport Systems
  • Dams
  • General purpose concrete reinforcement structure