Roopam Steel Mills is one of the forefront companies in the country amongst manufacturer's of (Quenching & Self Tempering) QST bars, better known to all as the TMT bars, using Thermex Technology.



THERMEX TECHNOLOGY internationally represents the most sophisticated technological achievement in the manufacture of steel rebar. Rebars manufactured through this process, carry two distinctive characteristics --- a tempered Martensite at the periphery and fine grained Ferrite-Pearlite at the core, -- a blend of toughness & ductility - that structural engineers yearn for in steel. There is no better way a rebar of yield strength of 500 N/mm2 has ever been manufactured.


It is now well accepted among all structural engineers that reinforcement bars (rebars) with yield strength of 500 N/mm2 drastically bring down steel consumption per square feet of reinforced area.


At Roopam, the corresponding ductility & weldability characteristics have been craftily adjusted to an optimum level in such rebars giving customers a superiors, stronger, and safest steel that ever went into any reinforcement. We have collaborated with H & K - the exclusive collaborator of HSE GERMANY with license right in india.HSE GERMANY has pioneered and patented the Thermex technology.


Quality analysis of Roopam Steel Bars as compared to IS 1786 grade Fe500 is as follows:

Mechanical Properities:

Properties As per IS 1786 Fe500 standard. Roopam Thermex TMT rebars.
Yield strength,N/mm2 500 520-560
Min,stress ratio,(UTS:YS) 1.08 1.15-1.24
UTS,N/mm2 545 590-630
A5 Elongation 12 18-22

Chemical Properities:

Chemistry As per IS 1786 Fe500 standards Roopam Thermex TMT Rebars
carbon 0.30 maximum % 0.17% to 0.25%
Sulphur 0.055 maximum % 0.050 maximum %
Phosphorous 0.055 maximum % 0.045 maximum %
Manganese   0.502 to 0.70 %


Roopam Thermex Bars easily satisfy the requirements of International Standards. In India Bend & Rebend Tests are mainly carried out as per Indian 1786 (and British 4449) standard.

Tests IS 1786 FE 500 Thermex500 Roopam
Bend 4d(5d for>22dai) 4d
Rebend 5d (7d for>10dai) 5d
Thermex has partnered with more than 150 steel rolling mills spread across the country. It follows an exhaustive quality monitoring system at each of these 150 mill.



H K RollingThe team satisfies itself that the licensees are following the designed parameters of the QST process meticulously to get the desired kind of rebar.


Samples are also flown to Mumbai at the SDCPL lab for rechecks. The results are later shared with the licensees and any improvements, if needed, are brought to their notice.


H & K takes every care to ensure that licensees consistently display high standards of performance. Roopam has matched with the tall order of standards that H & K sets for its licensees so consistently and so religiously that it had the rare honor of being issued a special appreciation letter by Thermex, the very people who invented QST technology in their pursuit to give the world a product that would fundamentally change RCC technology forever. None of the 150 licensees in India have been able to replicate our fleet of consistent and high quality production.


To quote a line from the letter, "You are religiously following the parameters set by our engineers during their various visits to your plant and are able to maintain the required Quality of the Thermex® bars."


The letter further states we appreciate the efforts being taken by you to maintain the quality of the bars. It was heartening to know that no compromise is made to achieve the desired. quality targets."